Radhe Maa: Godwoman issues threat to media person

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The so-called self-styled God woman Radhe Maa is yet again in the headlines, as she loses her cool and goes violently against media alleging to behave properly.

The self-proclaimed Godwoman was on her visit to the Kalki Mahotsav which takes place in Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh.

Radhe Maa lost her cool and gone violent when the reporters asked questions about certain charges which book booked against her.

While losing her cool she threatened the media person and said, “This is too much. Behave yourself, shut your mouth…why don’t you media persons kill me”.

Radhe Maa said while getting up from her seat, “I have no allegation against me…why do you ask me such things”.

It was learned that many of her followers said she has supernatural powers.

While shouting in a violent tone she told the reporter, “You know the meaning of ‘pure and pious’? What does it mean? How far have you read?”

Adding further to this she said, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and “I’m only pure and pious”.

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