Ram Setu is important part of Indian heritage says, Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad

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In the fresh debate which started on the Ram Setu by an Amercian science channel on Tuesday has turned out ugly, after Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said Ram Setu is an important part of Indian heritage and nobody should meddle with it.

It was reported that Union Law Minister’s reaction came after an Amercian science channel cited that Ram Setu, which connects India and Sri Lanka is not natural but is man-made.

The government said in a statement, “There is no bridge. It was not a man-made structure. It may be a superman-made structure, but the same superman had destroyed it. That is why for centuries nobody mentioned anything about it. It (Ram Setu) has become an object of worship only recently”.

On the other hand, Congress leader Rajiv Shukla said in a statement, “His party always believed that Ram Setu exists”.

Adding further to this, he said, “It came to our knowledge that Ram Setu is man-made and the stones are thousand years old…We welcome this revelation. But would like to say that there should not be any kind of meddling or temper with the sanctity of Ram Setu as it is a very important part of Indian culture”.

However, Ram Setu is also known as Adam’s Bridge, has always stayed in mystery and mythology.

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