Reports say, Indians gets more British visas

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As per the recent reports, it has been discovered that there is a sharp increase in the number of British visas which is issued to the Indians.

The announcement was made by the British High Commission on Tuesday.

It was reported that Indians get more visas compared with other nationalities.

The statement said, “Within this number, visit visas increased by 11 percent to 427,000 and work visas remained steady at 53,000 – meaning that Indians still get more work visas for employment in the UK than all other nationalities combined”.

While taking the reference of figures the UK Office for National Statistics said, the number of visas which is granted to Indian nationals was said to be 517,000 from September 2016 to September 2017.

British High Commissioner to India Dominic Asquith said in a statement, “These statistics show that India’s bridge with the United Kingdom is as strong as ever”.

It was learned that 14,000 student visas were issued to Indians over last year, which said to be an increase of 27 percent.

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