Rs. 90 Lakh Seized from The Employee of Bank Note Press

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Manohar Verma, a senior official of the  Bank Note Press has been arrested for stealing new currency notes.

Manohar was arrested red-handed on Thursday in Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh while he was stealing the money and was hiding the notes in his shoes and clothes so that he could not get caught.

Manohar was working at Bank Note Press since 1984 and was working as a Deputy Control Officer there in a rejected note division.

Manohar was arrested with the help of CCTV camera when especially monitored on him by CISF due to the suspicious activities are done by him frequently on a regular interval of time at different occasions.

CISF arrested Manohar red-handed while stealing the money from the wooden box of rejected notes and was hiding them under his shoes and clothes.

The information was immediately informed to the nearest police station after which police searched and collected Rs. 500 & Rs. 2000 notes from Manohar.

Police had disclosed the total recovered amount of Rs. 90 Lakh. Out of which Rs. 26 Lakh has been recovered from his office and remaining Rs. 64 Lakh was recovered from his home, which is in Saket.

According to the Police officials, Verma had already accepted about the smuggling of the rejected notes also, was using them openly in the market as there was a minor defect on the notes which was not easy to detect.

Police had already arrested Verma and registered the case against him under the relevant sections. Verma is under police custody now for the further interrogation related to find out the involvement of other employees if there is any.

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