Ryan International School: Class 4 student beaten up by teachers

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In yet another shocking incident, a class 4 boy who is studying in Ryan International School has allegedly thrashed with a stick in Ludhiana’s Jamalpur area on Thursday.

It was reported that the student was allegedly thrashed and slapped by two teachers at Ryan International School on Thursday.

Police official told the reporters, “We have received the complaint and will take action immediately. We have also received the medical report”.

The parents claimed that one of the teachers also threatened him to beat him if he informed anyone of the incident.

The victim’s father said in a statement, “I had complained about high-tension wires near the school, the action against my child was because of that only”.

It has been discovered that this is the second case which has been reported from the Ryan International School after the mysterious murder of Praduman murder.

Adding further to this the victim’s father said, “My son had a fight with another child on Wednesday. The teacher called the mothers of both the children and my wife also went. On Thursday, he was again thrashed in school with a stick and slapped repeatedly. He was not telling this to us. He did not say a word. It was only when he was changing his clothes that we noticed red marks on his entire body including neck, hands, legs, chest, and back. He was beaten by two teachers including a male and a female”.

Following the incident, a medical examination of the student was done at the Civil Hospital on Thursday evening.

However, the parents have filed a FIR with the Jamalpur police station.

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