Sai Sri viral video: Heartbreaking video didn’t melt father’s heart, daughter dies of cancer

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In a heart-rending incident, a cruel father didn’t pay sympathy to her 13-year-old kid’s pleading to save her life who was suffering from cancer.

A 13-year-old Sai Sri was seen begging her father to save her life through a video which went viral just after her death on the social networking platform.

The viral video of the little kid can melt any one’s heart but her own father didn’t respond to her emotional appeal who was requesting her father that she don’t want to die and wants to live her life.

In the video shows a girl Sai Sri who hails from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh urges her father through a Whatsapp message to sell her home to pay the money for her treatment.

According to the reports, Madamsetti Siva Kumar, Sai Sri’s father has abandoned her daughter and wife eight years ago when the Sai Sri was a baby. The girl used to live with her mother in Vijayawada; on the other hand, father lives in Bengaluru.

Sai Sri said in the video, “Daddy. You say that you don’t have money. At least we have this house. Please sell this house and pay for my treatment daddy. Or else, they (doctors) say that I won’t survive for long. Please do something and save me”.

It was reported that, before the couple separated, they had purchased a flat in the name of their daughter, also father named himself as the property guardian which means without the signature of the father nobody can sell that flat.

In a statement Achyuta Rao, President, Balala Hakkula Sangam said, “We have filed a petition in Human Rights Commission regarding the case. We have appealed to initiate action,

The video is now becoming an eye-opener for the people in the country and questioning a father’s insensitivity and lack of concern leads to the death of the child.

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