Samajwadi Party moved to hide 19 cases against Political Leaders

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SP – Congress came together to contest assembly elections on the next month, focusing on the theme – progress, prosperity and clean governance. But shocking revelation has raised several questions about the fundamentals of the theme.

According to a report in The Indian Express, unveiled that from last five years Samajwadi Party moved to conceal approximately 19 cases against the senior political leaders of the state.

These cases covered an ample range of alleged offenses which includes rioting, forgery kidnapping, extortion and much more.

There are seven state ministers, 10 SP MLAs, the BJP MP from Agra Ram Shankar Katheria and senior BJP leader and Union Minister Kalraj Mishra amongst the Political leaders who have given this advantage.

It is also reported that in each of the 19 cases, the application for case withdrawal was filed in court on grounds of “public interest and interest of justice”.

The investigation report claimed that the administration’s decision to withdraw the cases was confirmed by several UP government counsels and the accused

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