School Girl Commits Suicide after teacher scolded her for period stains

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Tamil Nadu: A 12-year-old girl allegedly commits suicide after her teacher scolded her for a period stain in her uniform and bench.

The girl was a student of 7th Standard jumped from a 25 ft high building in Tirunelveli.

The girl has left a suicide note in which she has mentioned that her teacher scolds her for staining her uniform with menstrual blood in front of the entire class.

As per the suicide note the school bench and uniform of the girl gets the stain of a normal period blood and her classmates started pointing her stain then the girl approached the teacher and asked permission for going to the washroom when the teacher shouted in front of the class for not knowing how to put a pad properly.

As per her mother’s statement her daughter gets the puberty just 2 months back and wasn’t prepared for the same and she got her period in between the lecture.

The girl was also scolded by the principal when her teacher takes her to the principal.

After this case along with parents, there are several people who protested in front of the school

The teacher has been charged with aiding suicide on the base of a suicide note.Police are still investigating the situation and will give the clarity on the same after the inquiry gets completed.

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