Sex is a choice but periods are not, urges women to PM Modi

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“Sex is a choice but periods are not”…

This condemnatory statement given by the Bengaluru women is hitting the social media since the government has imposed a huge tax on the sanitary napkins.

Since the GST has been introduced women across the country is opposing the decision by the lawmakers to impose a tax on sanitary napkins, which is a necessity for every woman.

Women have raised their voice against the decision by quoting, “Sex is a choice, but periods are not. When a condom is tax-free why can’t napkins be?”

Even Gynecologist from Bengaluru, Padmini Prasad lashed out against the Modi-led government for levying 12 percent tax on sanitary pads.

Prasad stated, “Even now women in rural areas cannot afford to buy sanitary pads. I support this campaign”.

Another woman from the campaign raised a question for the government, “About 80 percent of the Indian women can’t afford proper menstrual hygiene.12 percent GST on sanitary napkins. 0 percent on sindoor, bangles, and bindis. Do ask Mr. Arun Jaitley why?”

In a country like India, where 70 per cent women cannot afford sanitary napkins and only 12percent of the woman use them, there comes a devil in the story which is now called as “GST”.

Where on one hand government talks about “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”, contradictory on its own legislation government has enforced a tax on the wings which is not a luxury but a necessity for all women.

Do the law- makers of our country believe that only rich women bleed? Or sanitary napkin is a luxury?

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