Sex workers dies after falling from a building during cop raid in Mumbai

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Two women, who worked as sex workers while trying to escape a police raid died after falling from a building in Grant Road, South Mumbai.

The incident took place at Om Building in DB Marg locality around 10 PM, a police official told the media.

A team from the DB Marg Police Station was patrolling the area, i.e., highly involved in prostitution activities. As the police team entered to conduct ‘checking’, a person on the ground floor alerted others that led to panic among sex workers who were on the upper floors, the official added.

Two women tried to escape by climbing down from a third-floor window with the help of a rope, he said. However, in doing so they slipped and fell.

Cops took them to a local hospital where both died during treatment. One of the women was 50 years old while other was in her 30s. Both the women involved in the flesh trade hails from West Bengal, the officer said.

The police contacted their families using their Aadhaar card and mobile phone found near the spot and handed over the bodies to the local relatives. They have registered a case of accidental death and further probe is underway.

“Generally commercial sex workers flee or try to hide during police raids. They are also known to create cavities to hide. No such cavity was found in the rooms occupied by these two women. Sex workers also flee from house gallis which have narrow stairs or they simply climb down using pipes,” opined an officer.

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