Shiv Sena Protesters forcibly shuts meat shops, KFC in Gurugram

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Over 500 meat shops including a KFC outlet, in Gurugram, were forced to shut down by Shiv Sena protesters on the account of the nine-day Hindu festival, Navratri.

Protesters also demanded that the meat shops should be closed on every Tuesday also when Hindus usually don’t eat non-veg.

Gautam Saini, the president of Shiv Sena, Gurugram , told media “We have served notices to meat shop owners, including KFC, and other fast food outlets to shut their shops till Navratri ends and on every Tuesday.”

Following the incident, ACP-PRO of Gurugram Police Manish Sehgal said meat shops were closed but afterward they were opened. These shops have commercial license to sell the meat.

He also said strict action will be taken against those who forced to shut down shops illegally.

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  1. Im from South India, I stopped eating non-veg becoz I dont want to kill animals and eat for my living, I love animals I want to let live beside me and see and grow with animals. I can understand that everyone cannot change like this, Its difficult we cannot force others, we are brought up like this for many many years. Nowadays meat also getting adulterated. I want farmers to live well, I want agriculture to be the main concentration of my country people. Long live agriculture long live farmers!!!!

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