Son-in-law alleged for domestic violence against wife, angry father-in-law reciprocates

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In an alarming incident, it was observed that a husband who is so greedy for ‘the love of money’ has moved one step forward from humanity and crossed all limits in which he didn’t even spare his wife.

The incident took place in Gujarat’s Gandhi Nagar which was so appalling that can give goose bumps to anybody.

The husband went into the domestic violence against his wife in which the woman suffered seven stitches on her eye.

Violence against WifeIt was reported that there were chances that the woman can even lose her eyesight.

A video which is going viral on every social media platform in which it is discovered that a father-in-law after receiving the news of the mishap loses his temper and went along with his associates started beating his son-in-law in Gujarat’s Gandhi nagar area.

In the video the man was seen shouting that ‘please don’t beat me’, ‘I won’t do It again Papa’.

Following this, after being beaten up with the angry in-laws, the son-in-law moved to police station registered a complaint against them where the police have also arrested two persons in the case.


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