Sunanda Pushkar case: Shashi Tharoor charged with abetting suicide

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The Delhi Police filed a charge sheet in Sunanda Pushkar death case on Monday concluding that Pushkar committed suicide and hence no one has been charged with murder.

It was filed by Metropolitan magistrate Dharmender Singh under sections 498 A and 306 of the IPC. Tharoor is mentioned in the second column as a suspect.

The charge sheet comes four years after Congress leader Shashi Tharoor’s wife was found dead under mysterious circumstances in a five-star south Delhi hotel room.

The charge sheet mentions marital discord as the cause of suicide and says that one party led the other to commit suicide. The Delhi Police chargesheet mentions Tharoor’s name in column 2 due to lack of evidence to charge him as an accused.

The court is likely to take cognizance of the charge sheet on May 24, where the Delhi Police would press for summoning Tharoor.

Ms. Pushkar was found dead in a suite of a five-star hotel in Room No. 145 of Leela Palace in Delhi on January 17, 2014, days after she publicly accused her husband of having an affair with a Pakistani journalist.

The former MP was questioned by the police on the circumstances in which Ms. Pushkar left him at the Delhi airport and checked into the hotel two days before her death. The couple allegedly had a disagreement on a flight from Kerala to Delhi.

The political heat in the case increased when the central Govt changed from Congress-led UPA to BJP-led NDA.

Tharoor has responded to the chargesheet via multiple-tweets, calling it preposterous and said he would contest it.

The initial autopsy report said Ms. Tharoor died of poisoning. Sleeping pills were found in her room. However, the exact poison was not confirmed. Further investigation was done involving the FBI to find out whether it was a case of murder or suicide.

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