Supreme Court refuses to play National Anthem in court

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Just after the reports came that Supreme Court ordered the National Anthem should be played across the country before film screening, within a week’s time, there is this latest buzz that Supreme court on Friday refused the request from Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Leader and a lawyer on playing national anthem before starting any proceedings in the court.

The apex court said, “The national anthem is not mandatory at the Supreme Court. There is no proper petition before the court in this regard. We can’t impose it across the bar in this manner”.

The bench of Justices which includes Dipak Misra and Amitava Roy said, “Be it right or wrong, our order should not be overstretched. Bar should show some restraint”.

Earlier in November 30, the bench issued and order and said that, “the love and respect for our motherland India is reflected when we show respect to our National Anthem and National Flag. Besides this it will also instil the feeling and sense of one united nation and will help us nurture the patriotism and nationalism within us.”

Further the bench said, that before the National Anthem is played in the cinema hall, the passage and entryways should stay shut so that nobody can make any sort of disruption which portrays disrespect to the National Song.

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