Supreme Court Suggests Out-Of-Court Settlement for Ayodhya Ram Mandir Dispute

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On Tuesday, Supreme Court of India suggested out of the court settlement for solving Ayodhya Ram Mandir dispute by calling it “sensitive” and “sentimental” issue.

The apex court comes up with this decision after BJP leader Subramanian Swamy demanded for urgent hearing on the Ayodhya dispute. 

Bench chaired by Chief Justice J S Khehar, said “These are issues of religion and sentiments. These are issues where all the parties can sit together and arrive at a consensual decision to end the dispute. All of you may sit together and hold a cordial meeting.

Subramanian Swamy told the court that he had approached to the Muslim community members but they told him that the judicial intervention was required to resolve the dispute.

Following this Chief J S Khehar said “You must make fresh attempts to arrive at a consensual decision. If required, you must choose a moderator to end the dispute. If the parties want me to sit with mediators chosen by both the sides for negotiations, am ready to take up the task. Even the services of my brother judges can be availed for the purpose”.

The bench asked the parliamentarian to consult the parties and inform it about the conclusion on March 31.

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