Supreme Court to go paperless in next 200 days, says CJI Jagdish Singh Khehar

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In a recent buzz, the apex court of the country, the Supreme Court has decided to go “paperless” and Go Green.

After working so hard in an attempt to make India a digitalized country now, it seems like now its turn for the Supreme Court to go digital.

It was reported that approximately 70,000 appeals are filed every year and each appeal contains documents cited, as Annexure with more than 100 pages. Even in some cases, these numbers exceeds to 200 pages.

Following this, every year 70 lakh page are wasted which are used to file petitions in the Supreme Court.

Justice Khehar said in a statement, “After six months we will get all trial courts and high court records electronically and start dealing with the cases through the electronic medium”.

A bench of judges which includes Justices D Y Chandrachud and Sanjay K Kaul said, “We will electronically pick up records from trial courts and high courts. There will be no need for appellants to file those records. The appeal just has to state the grounds on which the petitioner is challenging a judgment in the SC”.

However, It was learnt that, after six to seven months, you don’t need to file any documents as a hard copy instead everything will become digital.

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