Tamil Nadu: Tamil Nadu worker denied treatment by three Kerala hospitals

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In a shocking incident, a worker from Tamil Nadu was allegedly refused treatment by the three hospitals in Kerala on Monday.

A Tamil Nadu worker who moved to Kerala a few days ago was allegedly refused medical treatment three government hospitals in Kerala.

The worker who identified as Rajendran(45) hails from Arialur district in Tamil Nadu.

The worker was attacked by his co-worker over a conflict of Rs. 5,000. Following the attack, he was taken to the hospital for medical assistance.

As soon he reached a hospital, he was demanded by Rs. 7,000 for his treatment. After which, the family took him to another hospital where he was denied treatment and authorities told him lack of facilities.

The Dean of the CMC hospital said in a statement, “We came to know that this issue happened in Kerala with a Tamil Nadu patient, but in Coimbatore, we provide treatment to all people free of cost and don’t charge any money. Mostly, 40 percent of the Kerala people only come to Coimbatore for treatment and we don’t have any such difference”.

Later he was taken to the Coimbatore Government Hospital for treatment from Malauram district in Kerala.

Nipun Sankar, Kuttipuram sub-inspector of police told the media, “Soon after Kozhikode hospital turned them away Rajendran was being moved to their hometown near Tiruchy by his kin when we managed to stop them before they reached Coimbatore and advised to admit Rajendran at the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital”.

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