Taxi Driver Raped A Female Puppy and Dumped Her In A Drain

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“There are more dangerous humans on earth than dangerous animals”…

This quote seems to be true after this shameless incident came into the light…Which proves that in today’s world humans have completely lost their soul and humanity…..

Recently, a 34-year-old taxi driver raped a female puppy and dumped her body into a drain where she left to bleed.

The accused has been identified.He is a taxi driver from Naraina named Naresh Kumar.

It was reported that Naresh was under the influence of Alcohol when he raped that Puppy named Jenny.

After that, he threw the body in the dry drain in the industrial area of Naraina.

Getting missed from past two days her care taker started finding Jenny and found that Naresh took Jenny and after asking Naresh where he left Jenny.He guides the caretaker towards the body of that dead puppy and accepted that he raped her.

Police conducted the medical test of the body where they have found that the dog has been raped and due to the excessive bleeding from the private parts the dog died,

The accused has been booked under section 11 of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

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