Telangana: Boy set on fire after imitating cartoon scene

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In a frightening incident, it was discovered that a 12-year-old boy allegedly died after imitating the action scene from a cartoon show in Hyderabad.

The boy was identified as Madugula Jaideep, he was staying with his grandfather’s place in Venkatapuram.

It was discovered that the boy used to live with his grandparents; meanwhile, his parents live in Jiyaguda in Hyderabad.

It was reported that on Thursday morning, he saw a cartoon series and got inspired from the action scene, also tried to copy the dangerous action scene.

While his grandparents were busy with some household work, Jaideep went to the terrace and set himself on fire using kerosene.

When learnt about the incident, Boy’s grandparents and locals rushed him to the hospital.

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