The reason behind rape, divorce is the western culture says, RSS leader Indresh Kumar

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RSS leader Indresh Kumar allegedly blames the western culture in rising crime against women in India.

Raising his voice against the tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day he said, “Love is pure, but the western culture has changed it into the passion, which has somehow manifested into a business. The reason behind rape, divorce is this western culture. This is what is responsible for the increasing cases of triple talaq, rape, domestic violence, killing female foeticide, etc”.

It was reported that RSS leader Indresh Kumar was expressing his views during a training programme of RSS volunteers in Jaipur on Friday.

“In India, love has been sacred and pious. It has been sung as the tales of Radha-Krishna, Laila-Majnu, and Heer- Ranjha but the western culture commercialised love and gave birth to the festival of Valentines’ day which is now responsible for problems like rape, illegitimate children, and violence on women”.

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