Tripura: woman sells her child for mere 200 rupees

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In a shocker, a woman allegedly sells her child for the sake of just 200 rupees in a tribal area near Tripura.

It was reported that a woman who belongs to the Below Poverty Line (BPL) section, reportedly sold his child to an auto driver who is a resident of the Laxmipur ADC village of the state.

Khanajoy Reang, Father of the child said in a statement, “I asserted on not selling the child but his mother sold my child for Rs 200. The child is at present in Machkumbhi village. The incident took place around 15 to 20 days back”.

It was learnt that the incident took place in the wake to pay Rs. 5000 as the cost of her husband’s treatment at Rangia Tilla of Haldia in Tripura.

Adding further to this he said, “When the issue was raised in front of the head of the village and it was decided that we would get our child back and accordingly we went to meet the person whom we sold our kid but we got a reply that they would return the child to its mother only”.

However, the Social Welfare and Social Education Department are trying very hard to return the child to his parents.

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