Two bikers kidnapped child from the School Bus in Delhi

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Delhi is again proved as a city of crime when on Thursday two bikers kidnapped a class 1 child from the school bus at gunpoint.

The whole incident took place on Thursday around 8:00 am in the morning near Shahdara in Delhi when two bikers with a gun stopped a school bus and shoot the bus driver in his leg to kidnap the class 1 child when the driver interrupted in between and tried to stop them.

The Whole Delhi city is on high alert since last one week, especially due to the heavy protest against the film Padmaavat and Republic day, but still, the kidnappers successfully kidnapped the small kid.

According to an eyewitness, the kidnappers ran immediately towards the Uttar Pradesh after which, the witnessed informed the police about the incident.

According to the police, the kidnapping was already planned by some of the known people of the family as the kidnappers were very much aware of the identity of the child also the daily route of the child whom they had kidnapped because there were around 20 students present inside the bus including the sister of the kidnapped child. But they kidnapped that particular boy only which indicates somewhere of the planned kidnapping of the kid.

According to the Delhi joint police commissioner the FIR has been registered against the kidnappers and the investigation had already been initiated by the different units of the police.

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