Uber Cab: Girl share her Self Experience about Driver who kept messaging her

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In recent times, we have come across many news stories which narrate the tale of eve-teasing, molestations, and sexually harassment.

For the working professional’s Cab services like Uber, Ola cab has become a blessing, but at the same time have you ever thought of the negative aspect of it as every coin has two sides.

If you are a person who follows news then you might have across dozens of news which indicates that the women are not even safe in their own home forget about the public place.

This time an incident shock the girl Ambika Sharma Anavkar, who hails from Pune, who booked a uber cab for a relative. According to the girl, the driver was quite friendly and tried making some talks.

What happened next gave goose bumps… Read here…

The driver of the cab who has dropped the girl at her destination started messaging her for no reason.

In this modern and developing world where we say we are heading towards the high tech world and adopting the modern culture, but at the same time incident like harassment, rapes are not just weakening our personal identity, but also giving a bad remark on our country where we posts thousands of status and posts about patriotism. So decide for yourself where you want to route your road???

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