UK Prime Minister Theresa May arrived in India on her Trade mission

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Theresa May

On Sunday evening , UK Prime Minister Theresa arrived in Delhi , on her first trade mission and bilateral visit outside the Europe since taking office in July.

The main objective of her visit is to enhance Indian – Britain bilateral relations on trade, investment , defence and security as it’s all about the collaboration and strategic partnership.

She began her visit by inaugurating South Asia’s largest technology conference UK- India Tech summit with Prime Minister Narendra Modi jointly hosted by the Confederation of Indian Industry and the Department of Science and Technology in Delhi . She will also hold talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi related to different issues like British visa regime for Indians , trade deals and many more between two countries.

On Tuesday, she will travel to IT city and will visit manufacturing plants before flying back to London. She is also expected to meet the Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.

Before leaving for India , May said India is the “one of the most important and closest friend and leading power in over globe”. She also mentioned that “we will be promoting the best of Britain, sending out the message that we are open for trade by making the most of the opportunities offered by Brexit as the world’s foremost champion of free trade”.

“I will be using this visit to reaffirm the importance of the strategic partnership we already have, which delivers huge benefits for both our countries, and to work with Prime Minister Modi to agree concrete steps to realize our shared vision of going even further in our cooperation across trade, investment, defence, and security,” she said.

“Building 100 new ‘Smart Cities’, encouraging firms to ‘Make in India’, getting the country online with ‘Digital India’, delivering better healthcare, infrastructure, skills and finance – these form Prime Minister Modi’s vision, and with our world-class architects, lawyers, financiers, engineers, medics, academics and tech experts, Britain is the ideal partner to help achieve that, creating jobs and growth in both our countries.”

She also said her 3 days visit to India is all about collaboration and highlighting new opportunities for both of the countries which will lead to fruitful results.

As a slew of lucrative deals are expected to be signed during her bilateral visit between India and Britain which will amplify the Indo-Britain relationship and beneficial to both of the countries.

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