UP:  College student gang-rape in moving car

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Delhi boy raped a widow and her minor daughter

In a horrific incident, a college student was allegedly raped in a moving car on Wednesday and was thrown afterward on the Kanpur-Lucknow highway in Uttar Pradesh.

Following the incident, the girl is currently undergoing treatment for trauma and has suffered severe injuries.

It was reported that police team has been sent to the Hamirpur for arrest the assailants.

It was learned that the girl was living with her parents in  Ahmedabad.

Police officials said that that the girl allegedly boarded the Sabarmati Express to Hamirpur after having arguments with her parents.

The girl told the police that she got off the train at Kanpur Railway Station wherein morning she went to Jhakarkati bus station to take a bus to Hamirpur.

Following this, she got into a car where she find  three unknown boys were sitting inside the car.

The girl was allegedly raped by the youths in the moving car where the girl was later dumped on the in Uttar Pradesh.

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