UP Elections 2017: Red roses for women in Baraut for casting votes

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With a unique concept Election Commission in UP had asked to distribute red roses to all women who are casting their votes in Baraut, Uttar Pradesh.

The main objective of this initiative taken by the Election Commission is to encourage all women to come out from their home in large numbers and cast their votes in the recent polls which are going on in Uttar Pradesh.

One of the women voters told the media, “This is for the first time that we have got a rose”.

However, the first phase of Uttar Pradesh polls has begun, and total numbers of 1, 17, 65,768 women voters are eligible for casting their vote across the state.

Earlier, Goa has also experienced an initiative taken up by Election Commission, where Pink teddies were distributed to the first-time female voters for casting their votes in the polling booths in Goa.

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