Uttar Pradesh: Woman Jilted lover abducted groom from wedding venue in Hamirpur

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In a bizarre incident, getting inspired from the Bollywood movie, a woman lover gets out of the way and kidnapped his lover at the gun point from his wedding mandap in Uttar Pradesh’s Banda district.

It was reported that the woman was carrying a gun in her hands and arrived at the wedding hall with six armed men.

The incident which took place on Tuesday shocked every individual who resides in Uttar Pradesh’s Bundelkhand.

The accused Varsha Sahu said in a statement, “I have known him for eight years now. I told him that I would not let this wedding happen, but he was not aware that I would take such a step. Even he was not ready for the marriage”.

It was learned that the victim Ashok Yadav worked at a private clinic in Banda, where a colleague falls in love with Ashok Yadav.

Following this, Ashok promised her to marry her, but unfortunately, the love story ends after the boy’s family fixed Ashok’s marriage with another girl in the adjoining town.

After getting aware of the Ashok’s marriage with another girl, Varsha decided to take a revenge from the boy.

Hamirpur Assistant Sub-inspector told the media, “The boy was from Banda. What happened was that she came to the venue and took the groom. The girl has been caught and the girl said they are lovers. She also said that the boy was not happy with the wedding and they both love each other”.

However, a complaint has been filed by the bride’s family and police investigations are still on searching the couple.

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