Uttar Pradesh: Woman thrashes elderly mother-in-law over property issues

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In a barbaric incident, it was being discovered that a woman in Uttar Pradesh allegedly thrashed and pushed her 85-year-old mother-in-law from the terrace.

The woman pushed her mother-in-law off the terrace as she has not registered the property in her name.

The victim was identified as Prem Devi, who was later taken to the hospital by her younger son.

The doctor told her relatives she has suffered deep injuries on her body after falling from the terrace.

It was reported that Devi’s daughter-in-law was torturing her from last one month. The reason of this act was she was having an eye on her mother-in-law’s property and wanted to be transferred to her name.

However, Police has registered a case against the woman, who was later identified as Urmila.

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