Uttarakhand: Woman Held in Dowry Case, Poses As Man, Married Twice

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Uttarakhand police arrested a woman on Wednesday in dowry case from the Nainital district who pretend herself as a man and marries two women.

The accused has been identified as Sweety Sen, a 25-year-old woman belongs to Bijnore in Uttar Pradesh who poses as a man and allegedly married two women for dowry.

According to the police, Sweety joined Facebook in 2013 and created her profile with the name of Krishna where she uses to share her photographs in male attire and started the conversation with multiple females over social media websites as a man.

In 2014 she came to Kathgodam area of Nainital district to meet with a girl whom she met over social media. She pretends herself as a man and introduced herself as a son of a businessman from Aligarh and later married to the Kathgodam girl who is identified as Kamini and started living with her in Haldwani area.

Sweety took dowry of Rs. 8.5 lakh from Kamini’s family and later started beating her for more dowry, Kamini said.

After two years in 2016 Sweety married to the other woman from the Kaladhungi area and started threatening Kamini to kill her for dowry.

In 2017, Kamini lodged the complaint against sweety for dowry and domestic violence as Sweety was continuously threatening her for Dowry after which Kathgodam police started investigation and arrested sweety in Dowry case, but later during the police interrogation Sweety confirmed police her identity as a female not male after which her both wives are in shock and confirmed police that they were not aware of her false gender as she never let them touch her body and use to drink, smoke like man.

The Police registered a case of forgery against Sweety as she was not a husband legally so, can’t go ahead with the dowry case, police said. Now, the police are also searching for the Sweety’s family who visited the two women places to fix the marriage.

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