Weekend Rush : Long Queue spotted at Banks and ATMs

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A long queue outside the Banks and ATMs was reported even more because of the weekend. Both Banks and ATMs witnessed long rush for exchange and withdraw of money.

According to Paramtosh Singh, manager of an SBI bank said that “The crowd is even more than the last two days. It is five times more than what we saw on Day 1”. “It was very difficult for two policemen to handle the situation yesterday (Friday). Today, four policemen have been deployed,” he added.

People are facing many problems for their daily expenses as the middle section class withdraw money between 1st and 9th of every month.

A senior police officer in Delhi said that “The crowd is more since it’s a weekend and many people have an off today. The crowd is swelling by the hour.”

Several ATMs were not functioning which adds the depression among the people standing outside the ATM of State Bank of Travancore in Kollam district. Angry people who standing outside the ATM broke a glass of the entryway after it chose to down the shutters when more than 200 people were reported waiting outside the ATM.

Usually, second Saturday of every month is considered as a bank holiday but for the convenience of the public, the government has ordered to function across the country for some weeks.

Around half of the ATMs are still not functioning which adds the misery among the common people.  There are around two lakh ATMs the nation over. According to banks, the situation is unlikely for change time more another 8-10 days.


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