Woman urges Supreme Court to ban pornography sites

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A Mumbai-based woman urges the Supreme Court to ban the obscene sites as her marital life is being destroyed as her husband is becoming addicted to the online pornography.

In a statement, women said, “I and my children are suffering as a result of porn addiction of my husband. I am unfortunately a victim of matrimonial dispute resulting out of porn addiction of my husband. I have also during my work as social worker come across people who have been adversely affected because of free and easy availability of porn contents all over the internet”.

The women stated that she was happily married for last 30 years, but the problems started from 2015 when her husband got addicted to the pornography websites.

The petition filed by the women reads as, “My husband has become a addict of porn and spends a lot of his precious time watching pornography. As a result, my husband has fallen prey to this addiction of watching pornographic videos and pictures which have made my husband’s mind perverted and ruined my matrimonial life”.

However, in the year 2015, the government has passed the law to block almost 857 pornographic sites across the country.

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