World’s largest brain tumor removed

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The world’s largest brain tumor to be ever removed took place by the surgeons in India. The tumor was 3.9lb. It was so big that it looked like an extra head. It was found from a 31 years old man.

A shopkeeper by profession, Santlal Pal hails from Northeast state of Uttar Pradesh. The tumor affected his brain from both sides. He lived with the tumor for last three years. He suffered from swelling, and headaches and loss of vision on regular basis.

The surgery took place on February 14 at the Mumbai based Nair hospital. It took place in the ICU for seven long hours. The doctors were unsure of its success but luckily, it came out right. He required 11 blood units with three days life support.

He lost more than three liters of blood during the surgery. The doctors say that he could have lost his vision. It could further have led to neurological damage or complete paralysis.

Earlier, three different hospitals in his native state told his wife that the tumor could not be operated.

Dr. Trimurti Nadkarni, who led the surgery, said: “Such large tumors are rare and are a surgical challenge.

“There was a heavy blood loss and this required great team skill in perioperative monitoring for a successful result.

“The patient has made a good recovery and is now ambulatory and on full diet. He feels relieved of ‘a large burden on his head.’”

The second largest tumor to be known is 1.4 kg. In 2002 it too was operated in India.

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