Young couple beaten for hugging in Kolkata metro

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A young couple was allegedly beaten on late Monday night by the locals in Kolkata Metro near Dumdum for hugging each other.

An eyewitness told the local media that the couple was found hugging each other when the middle-aged and old locals threw them out of the Dumdum metro station. They started beating the boy.

He was punched, kicked and asked embarrassing questions by the crowd such as ‘why don’t you go to a pub?’ or ‘hire a room for such activities’. When the girl tried to stop the mob, she too got hurt.

“Unfortunately, no complaint has been lodged as yet and this makes it very difficult to conduct an inquiry,” Kolkata Metro Railway CPRO Indrani Banerjee told the media.

She also added that the metro railway is “against moral policing”.

The CCTV footage in the station did not record any incident of an assault, she claimed, though videos of the thrashing, shot by eyewitnesses, have gone viral on the social media.

Protestors were held outside the Dum Dum Metro station on Tuesday against the incident.

Tasleema Nasreen, writer, tweeted, “A young couple embraced in Kolkata Metro. It made a bunch of frustrated old losers angry. They beat them up. Scenes of hatred are allowed. Scenes of love are considered obscene.”

The incident has divided the ‘city of Joy- Kolkata’. While some say the public show of affection is not acceptable, other Metro regulars say it is commonplace on late-night trains. Most often people don’t bother couples. But once somebody passes a comment or throws a taunt, a herd mindset seems to take over.

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