Beauty Hacks for Summer That You Should Know

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Many of us love summer as it removes a lot of clothes weight from our body and we do not have to put on many clothes like winters and can enjoy freely.

But, as the March month passes the summer days becomes hotter and now those summer days already arrive with tan and heavy UV rays. So, it’s time cure yourself by following some small rules while stepping outside from your home or on your summer tour.

1.If you are planning for a vacation on a beach and sand area then, don’t forget to carry a baby powder with you as it will help you out in removing the stick sand from your body parts. For that, you need to sprinkle the baby powder on your body parts after the beach. The powder will observe all the moisture of the body and then, you can easily remove the remaining stick sand from your body parts.

2. Use dry shampoo at night in summers to remove the excess oil from your hair as it absorbs all excess oil and helps you with a hassle-free hair.

3. If you feel little redness or tanning on your face try aloe ice cubes immediately as it will cure your skin of tanning also, cure all the unwanted spots on your skin.

4. Always use waterproof makeup in summers as due to high moisture it spreads a lot which would create the problem later.

5. The Major problem which many of us faces during summers is sweat stains on our clothes. So, no need to worry about those stains now, you just need to squeeze some lemon juice and spread it on the area before one hour of washing your clothes. It will remove the stain completely.

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