Board Exam: Help your child remain stress free

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board exams

Like every year, the board examination is approaching once again. It brings in the tension and stress to your child. As the dates approach there is furious competition among children. A child is only accessed for his grades despite studying the entire year. These days’ examinations have just become part of the academics on which they are judged on.

Here are some tips for the parents to follow:

Stop comparison

Parents should make sure that their children remain free from stress. Don’t make them compete against each other, stop comparing your child to their friends or neighbours. It will demotivate them. Instead, help them focus on themselves

However, Parents themselves worries about the child.

Give proper time

Communicate well with your child, give them proper care and attention. Don’t just leave them to study throughout the day. Make sure you allow them to get indulged an hour in recreation and sports activities. Also, talk to them, try to cut the pressure, anxiousness and discomfort.


Nourish your child with the right food. Provide them plenty of juice, fruits and healthy snacks. Don’t allow them to eat junk. Tell them to practice breathing exercise. It will help them clear their mind.

Reduce their tasks

Don’t ask your child to go to grocery stores, vegetable shops. Also, don’t force them to clean the mess that they might create in their room. As a parent, you should not give them any kind of extra work apart from studies.

Understand your child

Provide your child with the love and support they need. Try to build their confidence. Instead of constantly pressurizing them to get good grades, help them understand that exams are not an end for them. Help them explore what they are good at. Allow them to pursue their interest.


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