Five ways to use flax seeds in your food

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Flax seeds are extremely versatile in nature as due to its supernatural nutritive value and benefits.

People are consuming flax seed from 6,000 years, with this it becomes world’s first cultivated super food.

People are aware of flax seeds but don’t know how to use it or find difficulties in using it in a creative way. Due to its earthy taste people usually don’t like this, but its greatness makes it the king of super food.

Here we have enlisted five Healthy and Creative Ways to Use Flax Seeds but make before making any recipe you have roast Flax seeds until it crackles and after that grind it.


For making delicious Flaxseeds Laddoo all you need jaggery, Dry Fruits (Almonds, Cashew Nuts, raisins, pistachios etc. according to availability), Wheat Flour and Desi Ghee. First, you have to roast wheat Flour in a pan on low flame until it turns light brown in color and after this keep aside for 1 hour approximately. On another pan roast Dry Fruits. In a bowl add powdered jaggery, roasted flour, Dry Fruits and mix all the ingredients together. Now mixture is ready, make laddoo’s and enjoy it.


Raita helps in Digestion, when we will add Flax seeds it will become healthier and nutritious. For making this easiest recipe you need Curd, vegetables (Tomatoes, Cucumber, and mint leaves), Flax seeds powder and black salt.


You can add flax seeds in any of your favorite cereals which add more nutritive value to your desired breakfast and will make feel active whole day.


For twisting flax seeds into healthy delicious chapatti or paratha ingredients you need wheat flour, Green chilies finely chopped, Onion finely chopped and Salt to taste. Now make a dough of wheat flour and stuffing of onions, chilies, and powered flax seeds. Next step is to make parantha, just like you make any other vegetable stuffed paranthas.

Almond-Honey Power Bar

If you are in a mood to have a crunchy snack then Almond-Honey Power bar is perfect for you. For making this crazy chunky bar you need Almonds, of course, butter, raisins, oats, salt, sugar, unsalted whole-grain puff, honey and roasted flaxseeds. Let’s proceed with preparations first of all roast almonds, oats, puff raisins and keep aside for cooling. Now in a separate pan add butter sugar, honey, salt and Heat over low flame, stir frequently until the mixture bubbles lightly and make sure it doesn’t stick to the bottom. After adding this mixture to the dry ingredients and mix with a spatula nicely. Next step is to spread the whole mixture over tray quickly and refrigerate it about 30 minutes. Once it’s all done cut it into rectangular shapes and enjoy this marvelous crunchy snack.

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