Know the tips to stay healthy during the festive season of Ramadan!!!

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“Ramadan” is a holy month for many Muslims not just in India or neighboring country Pakistan but across the world.

So today we brought you the list how to stay healthy, fit and energetic during the month-long fast.

Stay hydrated

In order to stay healthy during the long fasting season, it is very important to stay hydrated and drink at least 8 glasses of water.  You can even shake hands with the vegetables which contain the goodness of hydrating properties like Cucumbers, lettuce, and other vegetables are high in fibre.

Don’t skip Suhour

We all are aware of the fact that breakfast is very important part of our daily morning routine and carries a great significance when you are fasting. Don’t skip Suhour as the first meal of the day will give you energy and strength to make your fast easier and healthier.

Watch out on your Carbs

During the fasting season of Ramadan, it is a useful tip for you to keep a check on a number of your proteins and carbohydrate. As in taking of more carbohydrate, converts into sugar, which is not good for your health.

Lesson your sweet tooth

Having more sugary food during the start of the day can give you empty calories, which can lead to more food craving.

Say No to caffeinated drinks

Are you aware of the fact that taking more caffeinated drinks can lead to dehydration. So we advise you to stay away from the caffeinated drinks which include tea or coffee, sodas, cola.

No deep frying foods

Avoid fried food as it is loaded with excessive oil and are difficult to digest and create problem for your stomach.

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