Know these essential table etiquettes

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Table etiquettes are always an important topic whether it’s a date, business dinner or even a black tie event that you wish to attend. Eating different types of cuisines requires different levels of etiquettes.  Here are some tips by the top cuisines in the country:

How to get started?

If someone asks you for a dinner, it is always good to respond. This will help them plan better. Try to bring a gift for the host/hostess. Formal dinner parties have your name written on your table, if not then always ask once.

Know the table stuff?

Know your glasses. There could be two glasses on the table. One is for dessert wine and other for white wine. The glass with a wider mouth and small bowl is a dessert wine glass while the opposite resembles the white wine glass. Also make sure you use forks, knives for eating different dishes. Remember some dishes like pizza are to be eaten by hands.

Timing is everything

Whenever you are eating out with business personnel’s, friends or someone special it advisable to wait until all the members have picked up the fork. Pass the dishes in a counter-clockwise flow. Don’t reach for it, wait for your turn. Turn off or put your phone in silent mode. Don’t reply to a question before you finish the food.

When done with the meal, use the napkin and place it on the left of the table. Avoid using a toothpick or dental floss at the table. By trying to make it all right, don’t forget to enjoy your meal.

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