Office Etiquette You Must Follow

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Everyone talks about etiquette whether it comes to your personal life or either professional life. Here we are talking about office etiquette which are a code of conduct that should be followed at every workplace and it is all about behaving in an appropriate manner. Every office has different sets of etiquette and policies, but apart from it there is much etiquette which is never given by others but they expect you to follow it from yourself.

1. Timings- This is a prior thing which you must follow when it comes to your workplace and especially when it is about any meetings or events because it speaks a lot about your personality.

2. Never keep your cell phone on loud tone because it always disturbs others. Always keep it in a vibration mode.

3. Always present yourself appropriately because it is very important, especially when it comes to any office meeting or any normal day as well your attire must be formal.

4. Never criticize others for their ideas as it also comes into the etiquette’s. You may put your opinions if you do not like the idea, but this you must remember because it may leave to the bad image of your personality.

5. Never take a credit of appreciation of any work alone. Always share it with the group of your co-workers as it will generate your goodwill among others. Also, they will help you with the other assignments as well.

6. Always give respect to your juniors or your co-workers as it will give them space to take a deep and innovative thought on any of the projects on which they are working with you and it will show you as a good team player as well.

7. Think twice before you speak because it may trouble you or put you in the big conflicts as it’s the work place.

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