Over one-quarter children starting school in North Wales are overweight

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A figure shows that 28.6 percent of children aged 4 to 5 in North Wales have been found to be overweight when they were about to start school.

Many of them have weight issues that have a negative effect on their health. 12.3 percent of them were classed as obese.

These numbers for children suffering from obesity are above normal in England, where 9.6 percent children in reception classes were found to be obese.

A report from Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board said steps that need to be taken included cutting the amount of screen time children get.

This means lowering the amount of time that these children spend on digital devices like mobile phones, tablets, and television.

New mothers should be encouraged to breastfeed to reduce obesity, the report added.

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Principal Health Practitioner, Sarah Andrews and Consultant in Public Health, Siobhan Adams warned that when people are overweight as youngsters they will often stay so in adulthood with health problems as a result.

The health board has come up with a three-year plan to tackle child obesity which set out steps that can be taken to make improvements.

It focuses encouraging families to plan to be healthier, telling families that milk and water are the only drinks that children need, breastfeeding, a reduced amount of time spent on digital devices, ensuring children play outside every day with intake daily fruit and vegetable intake and a proper amount of sleep.

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