Perfect workplace promote healthy lifestyles: Study

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Studies suggest that well-managed & serviced space promotes a healthy lifestyle for co-workers.

Employees require good well-being, increased productivity and a positive outlook towards the company. Creating a perfect office setup involves astronomical costs. From paying office rents to office furnishing, equipment, insurances, the cost is mostly higher.

Puneet Chandra, Founder & CEO of Skootr, a managed office solution provider has listed the five ingredients for creating the ideal office space.


 The workplace should be free from illness and have good sanitation. Moreover, there are numerous people who get satisfaction from a clean environment. The washroom should be very clean with fragrance. It increases employee’s productivity.

Seeding plants

Scientific studies have suggested that having plants inside the office has both physical and psychological advantages. Moreover with added pollution these days, it will contribute to some fresh air in the office. It is highly cost-effective as compared to indoor air purifiers.


 Healthy food adds to health. It serves as an important ingredient of a healthy environment. After all, we are what we eat. Food choices are one of the major reasons for chronic lifestyle diseases. There should healthy snacks for the break time for the employees to prevent junk street food.

Bright interiors

An office should have a good mix of comfortable colored furniture and tables and should have soothing paints on its wall. There should also be a perfect mix of ambient and direct lights. Such environment keeps you in perfect shape.


Gym leads to a strong work life. It helps the employees to stay fit, positive and enthusiastic. Moreover, it reduces the chances of diseases such as diabetics, obesity, cancer or any other cardiovascular diseases.

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