Revelation!! Why eating from hands are good for health

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Eating food with hands

Most Indians eat with forks, spoons, and knives while some of them still follow the rich tradition of eating your gourmet with your hands. South Indians are the best examples if you want to explore the eating habits who use their hand to enjoy their meals.

Do you imagine why our ancestors were having the habit of eating food with their hand? Difficult right? So let us clear all your queries about the same and make you learn the benefits of eating our food with our hands. 

Improves digestion

Study’s says that eating with hands improves the digestion as eating a meal with your hands, discharges stomach related juices and proteins. The nerve endings in your finger send the message including the level of consumption and the nature of sustenance, accordingly boosting the stomach for quick digestion.

Improves Blood Circulation

Yes!! You read it right… Eating from hands does improve blood circulation. All those who are a fitness freak this call the great news for you all.

Eating makes fun

Eating with your hands is useful for your well-being, as well as it adds more fun to it. It is also believed that having food with our hands tastes much delicious than using forks or spoons.

Life energies

As per Ayurveda, we all are made up of life energies which specify: fire (thumb), air (index), sky (middle) earth (ring) and water (little finger). It is likewise trusted that it speaks to every one of our faculties: touch, notice, hearing, sight, and taste. So, an imbalance in any one of these elements can cause various diseases.

Engages all senses

When you have your food with your hand than all your senses are indulged while you are having your meal. Eating with your hands adds a material measurement to your feast and draws in the greater part of your faculties. A few people believe that eating with hands gives you an exact proportion of how much food to eat or not.

So, after knowing these facts which boost your health than are you jettison your forks and spoons out of the cutleries or not. Indian food is finger licking good so why using forks or knives.

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