See what your furkid is stating you on this Diwali

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Pet Friendly Diwali

I totally understand that Diwali is the ideal time for you to bond with families and companions, but your enjoyment bothers us. We have fragile ears and noses and get to a great degree panicked and bewildered on Diwali. What can we do? God gifted those features in us through which we can guard you every time when you need our help. Your well-being is our prime goal… since we cherish you from our center of our heart. What’s more, you know…

I may not be human but I also got a life!!! Are you mindful of it ???

Rangoli… It irritates me 🙁

You ought to know about the way that something I have never observed energizes me and I wind up rolling and playing with those hues, however, it can really hurt us and give us skin disease or sustenance harming, as they are so unsafe for us.

Keep me safe in home

It is the time when clamor sounds chafe us, confounded us give uneasiness about the situation. The event can likewise make us ran out of the home. So it is a humble request to you, kindly make us feel safe with you.

Ahh.. I love those sweets

Each one of those lip-smacking nourishment brings a monkey on my back but do watch us as rich and fried food can upset our tummy. So please, how much I show temptation towards that mouthwatering food but do stick to the dog food.

Don’t leave me alone… firecrackers bother me

Diwali time is truly distressing for us… kindly don’t allow us to sit alone at home it can make us apprehensive, miserable and desolate.

I don’t judge people… I don’t hate others… I don’t hold grudges for my owner… But I do know how to love unconditionally and the same I just want in return… I am your friend … your fur-kid who only knows to shower love to my owner and protect them till I am alive …

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