Simple Tricks To Remove The Oil Stains

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The stain which is more difficult to remove is the stain you got from oil. If you have an oil stain on your clothes even after trying a lot of things on the same you are unable to remove that……
And the use of chemicals, again and again, can also fade the show off your clothes.

So we have some tricks for you to remove the oil stain from your clothes easily.



Talcum powder is an efficient way to remove the stain from clothes.And importantly we can use this technique for the delicate clothes so that the shine won’t go. Put some powder over the oil stain and gently press down it with your finger, the powder will stick to the spot where the oil has spilled and can be dusted off the rest of the area. Put the powder over that are for at least 20-30 minutes and wash the piece of cloth with normal water.

Baking Soda


The most common household trick to remove the stain is baking soda and is the perfect fit to remove the oil stains. Due to its soda crystal, it can remove the stain easily.Put some baking soda over the stain it color gets changed which means that it has soaked the oil. Keep doing it until the color of baking soda does not get changed. Wash the cloth afterward.



Vinegar with its powerful astringent qualities is a good supplement to remove the stains from clothes. What you need to do is just put some vinegar on the portion where you have a stain. Put to cloth till it dries and washes it gently with normal water. Please note if you have a stain on colored clothes than mix vinegar with hot water.



Lemon with its bleaching qualities also helps out in removing the stains from clothes. Take a piece of lemon and rub it into the stain, gently squeeze the lemon so that juice absorbs into the cloth. Allow the cloth to dry and wash it with normal water.

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