Things which every girl should have in her bucket list

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Every girl has a few things which she always has a dream to do once in her lifetime .Here we bring few things which every girl should add in her bucket list if she is planning to make a list of things which she wants to try at least once.

A-Travel somewhere amazing

Once in a lifetime you should travel to a place where you have never been before but want to be.

B.Floating Sky Lanterns Like this

The moment when you release thousands of sky lanterns into the sky the moment you capture was incredible. I think every girl should do it at least once in her lifetime.

C.Try a tattoo even a temporary one

Every girl should inked at least once in a life if not permanently then temporary, but go for it at least once.

D.Adopt a pet who needs you.

It is a saying that books and animals are your best friend. Never complaints never demand. They will always with you even in your harsh time without the intentions.

So I think you should have it one to whom you can share all the things when you needed.
“A friend in need is a friend indeed”

E.Visit Northern lights:

The best place in Europe for northern lights is Svalbard, which is a group of islands in the Arctic Ocean about half way between continental Europe and the North Pole, so I think you should go at least once in your life to view this beautiful creation of nature

F.Tell your boss what you don’t like about him

In a lifetime at least once, you should tell the truth…. lol that’s funny, but at least once you should tell your boss the thing which you hate the most about him… the list is too big but you can wind up with a short note…

G. Get drunk and enjoy the evening

I think one should experience everything in their life once. That does not mean you should go and jump off a cliff or drink cyanide just for fun. So alcohol once, is as per my opinion, just fine.

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