Things you need to know about Cardiac Arrest

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cardiac arrest

Last week the sudden death of Sridevi left the entire country in mourning. She was just 54 when she was found dead due to cardiac arrest. However, it was later cleared that she died of accidental drowning.

However, Know these reasons that lead to cardiac arrest. These sudden deaths are tragic and least expected. Here are some reasons for signs of a cardiac arrest:

Sudden dysfunction of the heart can cause a heart attack. It leads to breathing problems and unconsciousness. The heart stops to function due to disruption in blood supply. It requires immediate medical attention as improper care can lead to death.

It is different to heart attack where one particular part blocks the blood supply that injures the muscles. Heart attack triggers cardiac arrest.

Hypertension, Diabetes, Smoking, High blood cholesterol, less physical activity, obesity can all lead to cardiac arrest.

Some common symptoms of cardiac arrest include dizziness, fatigue, breathlessness, heart palpitations and chest pair as early as four weeks.  However, on many occasions, the symptoms cannot be known in advance.

They are different for both Men and Women. These can be subtle or more ambiguous, chest pain is considered a major cause. It is also accompanied by the symptoms that were discussed earlier.  Menopause puts women at more risk than heart disease. Among men, tight artery blockages are more common than women.

If a patient is noticed of a sudden cardiac arrest, they must immediately seek medical help. Call a doctor as soon as possible. CPR can help. Provide chest compression. Patients can survive if proper measures are taken.

It is not that only Sridevi has died of cardiac arrest. Other Indian actresses Suchitra Sen, Aarthi Agarwal and Reema Langoo also died of cardiac arrest.

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