Things you will get when dating a writer!!!

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Feeling boring?? Looking for a partner who can toss up your viability??? Missing some adventure in life??? Want your life to experience like a story??? Then go find a writer for yourself as you are really wanting for one such fellow who can come with all such above traits.

Are you prepared to contend with the coffee junkies, enjoy the company of most honest and fluent partner on earth?? So today we have brought the warnings… By warnings, we meant the possible set of circumstances which you will get to experience when dating a “writer”.

Do know what makes a writer, so special to stand out of the crowd??? They are bright, often unafraid to do the unthinkable stuff, witty with their ideas.

They can romance with words

Dating a writer means you will be always be filled with love and affection in the most creative way possible. They can play with words and bring a flowery description of everything about you or anything in this universe.

Exposure to great events

If you are one of those spirits who like to go to lots of different bout then date a writer, as you can be indubitably invited to the jamboree.

Undoubted creative souls

Writers are people who walk, talk and known by their wholehearted creativity. Are you mindful of the fact that dating a writer can bring lots of creative solutions of life problem.

 No communication gap

Writers are unequivocally good communicators… Debates, arguments, extempore… name it and they will nail it…

Don’t criticize their writing

This is a warning for you… don’t ever criticize their writing. It will go either way…  they will fall for you or even can throw anything at you… Either thing will happen. Because a writer writes with the feel and brings their heart out which is not your cup of tea… so before commenting on their writing, beware can you fit in their shoes and do the same… We guess “No”.

Reading is ultimate fun

Just like they have a love for coffee… in the same way, they have a deep affection for reading.

Passionate peeps

They are really passionate about their work, life and their love. Everything they do… will come out as a masterpiece.

Full of life

Writers think out of the box and bring imaginative ways of living. They find happiness in the smallest things such as echoes of birds during the break of a day. Thus proof they are irresistible Full of life personalities…

Writers are people living in art… Dating one fellow means sharing your life moments who finds beauty in smallest things possible… Convinced?? Then go out and find a writer for yourself…

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