Time to be prepare for Summer Care

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Summers are all set to trouble you with the extreme heat, sweating, and many skin problems like suntan, sunburn and pimples, blemishes etc. So, be prepared before the summers hit your skin harshly.

If you are thinking that you will use the sunscreen products to protect then, let us tell you that is not enough to be fit in summers. You need to take care of everything from your eating habit to the products you use for your skin.  The proper care will help you with a perfect radiance on your face and also you will feel yourself fresh.

Here we have come up with some summer care tips for you which will help you out in fighting with the heated summers.

  1. Try to have mixed berries to load you body with the antioxidants as it will help your to get rid of skin ageing problems.

2.Try to drink more water as there is a lot of sweating happens in summer which regularly decreases the water level of your body so, to drink more water on a regular interval of time and keep your body hydrated all the time.

3. Take care of your vision in summers by wearing goggles and any other eye protector before going outside in the sun as it will help your eyes from the wrinkles around the eyes.

4. If you drink alcohol then, summers are the best time to leave your habit of taking hard alcohol and try to get light and chilled alcohol instead of hard alcohol in summers.

5. Apply a sunscreen having good SPF on your face before going out in a sun at least 30 minutes before.

6. Take a cool shower after the sun exposure as it will protect your body from the acne breakouts.

7. Try to avoid going out in the sun in between 12 to 3 pm as the Ultra violet rays affect the skin most at this particular time.

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