Dear Zindagi Take 2 (Teaser) : One more life lesson is teaching us

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Bollywood most awaited movie is making the buzz within the fans. Now it’s time to have a look on its second teaser cum Take-2. Just similar to its first teaser its has also something related to some life essence.

While its first teaser which produced loads of hipes inside the audience while was based on some sort of life lessons. On the similar note take 2 also have have some life lessons covered up inside with the duo humor, what all of you have to do is analyze it.

Just like its first teaser which says “Life is a Game” and now the second teaser or take 2 is based on a life lesson which says “Always Recycle”. The teaser starts shahrukh introduce himself as Jehangir Khan who is also called as jug. While Alia aka Kiaraa plays a role of aspiring filmmaker, who is known to be a girl live life to its fullest, full of beans but at the same time fails to crack good joke.The second teaser reveals many things about the movie. In this you will get to experience the some irritably funny joke crack by alia on that shahrukh advised her to improve her humor skills.

The movie has succeeded in captivating the audience and we all are looking forward to see the movie.

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