Dear Zindagi : Thank you so much to give us a smirk on our face

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Dear Zindagi

“It is truly believed that the more you acclaim, praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate”… Isn’t it true???

At that point, what’s huge you require more than a decent movie which simply tosses our stress in the air and gives us motivation to grin and thought to look life in another viewpoint. So, how it feels when our Bollywood gives us such a great amount of happiness to rejuvenate our self so here comes a reason for a total celebration of this festive season.

Dear ZindagiA much awaited moment which we all of us waited for the thing to happen that has finally taken place. A day before the poster of the movie was out of social media sites that were creating a curiosity for the whole lot of audience and the fan of the stars too. If you remember in the poster who will observe Alia sitting next to SRK and looking continuously in her phone… must be something important we guess… Right???

So,after waiting for so long for Wednesday which the stars have hinted us that something exciting is yet to come on Wednesday so here it … the trailer of the movie “Dear Zindagi”.Till now,you must have seen the teaser of the movie we assume. Did you look at that there is two Gauri in the movie? Just try not to stress we’ll make you mindful of the reality. The movie is directed by Gauri Shinde and produced by one of the closest friends of the star Karan johar and his wife Gauri Khan. We need not to remind you that the actor is known to the king of Bollywood and romance all the ladies in a whole beautiful way. Did you notice that the fact  star has guaranteed that in his all movies the female lead will always before the male has successfully succeeded? From the teaser one thing, we can guess it right that Alia would be acting as the bubbly girl in the movie. If we talk about what learning the 30 sec teaser of Dear Zindagi gave us is just incredible about the life. The movie features Alia Bhatt who will be seen bubbly, vivacious and peppy in the role of Kiara who is an aspiring film-maker who will once meet men and he is no other than the king of Bollywood. Yes, you guessed it right!! “Shahrukh Khan” who will instruct Alia how to appreciate life and shapes her life or alter her issues. What else is left??? Oh, Yess. The relationship part we forget to tell you… but for that keep tune into next surprise which both the actors will be giving us in the near future as of now starting now they have ruined us with new amazes each day from the poster to the teaser. But yes we can assume that there is no couple types of equation between the two more over the actor will be a counselor to the Alia. To be not kidding we are holding our heart pulsates to see November coming soon.

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